Lead Researcher


Dr. Liliana Perez - Assistant Professor

Postdoctoral Fellow, UVic, (2011-2013)
Ph.D in Geography, SFU, (2011)
M.Sc in Geography, UPTC, (2003)
B.Eng in Geodesy and Cadastre, UD, (2000)

Complexity is inherent in ecological and anthropogenic processes. My research interest is to learn more about spatial and temporal interactions and relationships driving changes in our world. Spatial analysis and modeling and geographic information systems (GIS) can provide insights and context into complex problems such as climate change, landscape ecology, and forestry by explicitly representing phenomena in their geographic context. My research focuses on the inherent multidisciplinary nature of Geographical Information Science (GIScience) to investigate the relationships between ecological processes and resulting spatial patterns.

Graduate Students


Jonathan Gaudreau - MSc. Candidate

BA. Southeast Asia Studies, UdeM (2012)


Born in Drummondville in 1987, I spent most of my life there, until I had to come to Montreal for my Bachelor's degree (do not fear! I often go back to the "Poutine" birthplace). I graduated in Southeast asian studies at the University of Montreal, in which I specialized in China studies. During my undergrad studies, I was able to travel a lot, especially in China. It is during that time that my love for geography and for landscape studies developed. I decided to pursue a carreer in Geography. I study at the Laboratory of Environmental Geosimulation because of my passion for complexity studies. I am really interested in non-linear dynamics characterizing human, biologic, economic, geophysical and human phenomena. My research focus on modelling the changes in spatial distribution of black-backed woopeckers (Picoides arcticus) in response to changes in wildfire patterns induced by Climate Change. My research interests are oriented towards complex systems modelling, GIScience and computer programming. Outside the academic field, I love hiking, travels, and vegan cooking!

Mariana Tiné - MSc. Student

BSc. Geography, UFPE, (2007)

I am from Recife, a city in the northeast of Brazil. It is a beautiful city close to the beach with a strong culture and history. I have a bachelor degree in geography obtained in 2007 at Federal University of Pernambuco in Brasil and currently I am a master student at UdeM (MSc. in Geography). My areas of interests are spatial analysis and environment analysis with the use of geographic information systems (GIS). In Brazil I worked analyzing criminality using GIS as an important tool to prevent all kinds of crimes; by better understanding the spatial dynamic of the occurrences we can reduce criminality. I find it wonderful how spatial analysis can be used in all areas and with the master degree I intend to develop even more this skill. Combined with my passion for GIS I enjoy being outdoors and love the nature and the sea, I think they are invigorating.

Saeed Harati - PhD Student

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, UT, (2003), MSc. Environmental Engineering, IAU, (2006)

I am amazed by the environment. The ways things interact with each other and emerge and disappear in time is like a guessing game to me: I try to find the rhythms and guess the next moves, and I watch to see if my guesses were right. I am not only curious about environmental systems: I like them, and I feel a moral duty to preserve them. I also like to observe humans, and I find them likeable and feel a moral duty to preserve them, too. However, I see that the way humans and natural environments interact is neither likeable nor sustainable. This gives me both moral and intellectual motivation to challenge myself with questions of sustainable development. In my research I simulate the interactions between different agents in a forest management model, and in the vast space of all possible states of agents and their choices of action, I seek sequences which lead to emergence of cooperative and responsible behavior among human agents using the forest as an economic resource. This involves complex systems analysis, modelling of coupled human and natural systems, and machine learning and artificial intelligence. I love it. Outside LEDGE, my interests include still more sustainable development, ethics, justice, mathematics, contemporary dance, and life actually!




Paula Kardozo - D.E.S.S.  Applied Environmental Geography Student

B.Sc. Geography, UFC, (2007)

I was born in Fortaleza, Brazil. I moved to Montreal in June 2014, with my husband and son. In 2007 I finished my Bachelor Degree in Geography. I worked as a high school teacher in Brazil. I took some courses to work as information technologist in 2013, and started working as a Systems Analyst in business intelligence. Throughout my job experience as both geographer and IT professional I did notice I could improve my knowledge and technical abilities in GIS. My career goal is to learn the latest tools GIS and how to apply it to different fields in the private sector. Currently I’m developing an Online Application in ArcGIS to help current and future immigrants to adapt and find information abroad. Additional to my passion for GIS, I love photography, films, travel and study. I have all the support from my family to pursue my passion and my studies.